Establishment & Set up

Oxford Property Strata Group offers a wide range of services to Developers who are preparing to strata title their properties.

Our services include the following:

  • Provide legal advice for establishing Owners Corporations and registering Plans of Subdivision
  • Liaise with Land Surveyors to establish common area and allocate Lot Entitlements and Lot Liabilities on the Plan of Subdivision
  • Obtain insurance covers for new developments
  • Organise and hold the Inaugural Annual General Meeting (IAGM)
  • Draft Budgets for the IAGM
  • Prepare and register Special Rules if applicable
  • Prepare and register licences/lease agreements if applicable
  • Prepare and lodge Management Plans for student accommodation if applicable
  • Prepare and issue owners corporations certificates for property sale settlement
  • Liaise with the Sales Team to answer any questions from prospective purchasers regarding Owners

Corporation establishment.

  • We tailor our services to suit the special needs of each development
  • Establish the Owners Corporation Register
  • Secure a Common Seal
  • Establish Bank Accounts
  • Attend and Record the IAGM & Special Rules
  • Initiate Common Property Care and Maintenance Team
  • Establish Maintenance Fund if applicable
  • Undertake an OHS & E Audit of the Common Property
  • Establish web access account for the Owners Corporation
  • Obtain Income Tax File Number and Australian Business Number