Administrative Services

Our services include:-

  • Prepare the Agenda and distribute Notice of Annual General Meeting to all owners
  • Prepare the Agenda and distribute Notice of Committee Meetings;
  • Chair meetings if requested
  • Submit an attendance roll, budget, financial statement, list of arrears, insurance statement and Managers activities report for each Annual General Meeting
  • Record Minutes of Annual General Meetings and Committee Meetings and distribute Minutes by email and/or post to all owners
  • Audio record all meetings for authenticity if required
  • Maintain the Owners Corporation Register
  • Maintain past records of minutes and postal ballots
  • Preserve the Common Seal
  • Affix the Common Seal as per the Owners Corporations Act 2006
  • Maintain registers for Essential Services, OHS & E, Asbestos and Cooling Towers
  • Maintain insurance register for all tradespeople authorised by Oxford Property Strata Group Pty Ltd
  • Attend to general correspondence, emails and telephone calls
  • Distribute Newsletters to all owners, residents and real estate agents
  • Manage the Owners Corporation Rules, serve Notice of Breaches
  • Attend to general maintenance
  • Submit an insurance claim statement when required; and
  • Advise on changes to associated Acts and Regulations when required